Pagoda Tents for Sale in Kampala Uganda, A Pagoda tent or Canopy is often used for a party, service tent, side tent for a bar, wedding reception, celebration or as an entrance to a larger tent or marquee. If your looking for a quality garden tent look no further than a small Pagoda. At a market or promotional event the Pagodas create a practical and protected space. These Pagoda Canopies are joined with two gutters to make the whole unit completely waterproof. The Pagoda Canopy Tent is the original Chinese hat style tent that has a more interesting shape compared to the standard frame marquee. Designed with durability in mind. They are lighter weight structures and very flexible option for your event. They can be used as standalone structures or joined together to create a mini-pagoda village.

Pagoda Tents Manufacturers Kampala Uganda

Tentsforsale are the best and experienced Pagoda Tents Manufacturers in Kampala Uganda. Our Pagoda Party Tents are a modular, attractive and versatile addition to our larger range of marquees. With a unique spire appearance it is a popular choice for clients wishing to add something different to a garden party than a traditional pop up tent. Due to their modular capabilities our Pagoda can be joined together to form an impressive structure. They are also ideal as a catering tent or you can opt for this to be used as your dance floor area to really impress your guests. With clear sides and the ability to attach to a clear span or pole tent you may also wish to use this as an entrance walkway into your main marquee.

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Kampala Uganda Pagoda Tents worldwide

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