Stretch Tents for Sale in Eastern Cape South Africa

Stretch Tents for Sale in Eastern Cape South Africa

Tentsforsale famous for manufacturing of Stretch Tents for Sale in Eastern Cape South Africa, we are top supplier of Bedouin Stretch Tents. The versatility and dynamic nature of todays bedouin stretch tents make them perfectly suited to a multitude of uses. No matter what size your event, where it is or what format it takes stretch tents are the perfect solution to set you apart from the crowd. Our highly experienced team will advise on size, depending on the number of people, and on how best to configure your setup. Our tents can be set up so that they are freestanding or can be anchored to an exterior wall to create a covered extension of your home. But there is more. They are not just event tents. Whether you are looking to rent one of our stretch tents for a once off event or are considering buying one there are many different uses for them. They can be used in Festivals and Concerts, Garden Parties at Home, Corporate, Weddings, Parties, Festivals, Permanent or Semi-Permanent Installation.

Stretch tents are often used to provide cover for both the stage and onlookers at huge scale events. The modular nature of them means that they can be joined together to form a huge covered area for thousands of spectators to revel under and enjoy the entertainment provided. Rain or shine, they provide the perfect cover thanks to the waterproof fabric, that is also UV resistant.

Bedouin Stretch Tents Manufacturer Eastern Cape South Africa

Bedouin Stretch Tents Manufacturer Eastern Cape South Africa, our stretch tents are not only suitable for parties, celebrations or one-off functions. We are often asked to set up structures that are designed to be in place for longer periods of time. We have many customers who buy their stretch tents so that they can add a covered area to an existing structure. Bars, restaurants, indoor outdoor markets, kids play areas. These are just some of the more permanent installations we have been involved in setting up.

Traditionally camping is very seasonal. Very few people would brave the rain in a tent. But with our stretch tents, you no longer have to be limited by the weather. As a campsite owner, you can set up a huge stretch tent covering under which your campers can set up their individual tents and not get wet. Our stretch tent fabric is treated so that is 100% waterproof. Imagine providing guests with year-round camping, no matter the weather.

Eastern Cape South Africa Bedouin Stretch Tents Seater Plan

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