Exhibition Tents for Sale

Exhibition Tents for Sale inspires your innovation and imagination without limit by flexible combination of each unit, qualified and graceful texture PVC cover Materials, friendly installation which is wind resistance, water proof, flame retardant and UV-resistance & of best quality. Exhibition Tents for Sale can be fully assembled in just 60 seconds, without needing specialist personnel or any tools. You therefore have more time to take care of your customers.

We design Exhibition Tents as per the requirement of our clients we do this to ensure client satisfaction and to keep up with the demand for our highly sought after products. Exhibition Tents are highly spacious and can accommodate large number of people. Due to the unique concept of junction fittings, these tents are fast & easy to install. We make Exhibition Tents for Party, Events, Occasions, Wedding and Function. Exhibition Tents for Sale exhibition tents are of best quality, ensuring a firm presence. In addition to the stability, the quality is also evident in the assembly and dismantling our exhibition tents can always be assembled and dismantled without any problems and without binding mechanisms, even after the umpteenth trade fair appearance.

Exhibition Tents for Sale. Thanks to their high-quality modular construction system, tents from our company offer you a particularly great variety of sizes, shapes and configuration option be it Small, Medium or Large scale structures. Through this modular method of construction, all your wishes and requirements can be solved, not only quickly, but also economically. The range of large tents from our company is available in spans from 10 to 50 meters. Thanks to the modular construction system, these tents can be enlarged as required with truss distances of 5 meters.

Exhibition Tents for Sale in South Africa

Exhibition Tents for Sale in South Africa, we have best exhibition tents for sale. Exhibition Tents are better to expand the space, low the cost, multiple the way of display and we can move to the site where we want. With all the advantages, your exhibition will catch all eye balls from the participants. Exhibition Tents for Sale that can be used for all your functions and Events. Exhibition Tents for Sale, Exhibition tents can always be assembled and dismantled without any problems and without binding mechanisms.

Exhibition tents have outstanding features like There is no Pole inside – You can make the flexible layout for exhibition booth, showcase, stage and other accessories. Weather Protection – Weather protection design, you can hold our exhibition Tent smoothly in any climate. Our exhibition tent can stand on the heavy rain and wind weather (Max. Windload reach to 120km/h) Wide Size – Span can be optional from 3 to 60m. And the length can be unlimited by increasing or decreasing 5m bay distance. The height of exhibition tent is 4m in common and 6m in customized design. Our in-house graphic and printing department will work together with you to provide you with the full-printing of your exhibition tent with your logo, lettering and photo-realistic images.

Exhibition Tents can be widely used as the wedding tent, party tent, exhibition tent, conference tent, different kinds of festivals tent, hajj tent, corporate events tent, sports tent, & temporary, semi-permanent or permanent building purpose etc. With more than 20 years of sound experience, Tents for Sale develops and builds much more than tents. We design and build real function and interaction spaces for our customers all over the world.

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