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We provide all kinds of tents, such as camping tents, beach tents, festival tents and so on.


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All our tents are manufactured from the high end quality material and resources which meets the international standard. Experience a satisfactory tent with us.

Bedouin Tents by Tents for Sale. From Bedouin tents to stretch décor we can cater to your extensive needs, the perfect answer to events and special days.

Stretch Tents can be erected in a variety of Shapes and styles and presents a modern and exquisite. Stretch tent fabric and materials are designed by our scientific engineers

Pagoda Tents come complete with lightweight, aluminium or galvanized steel frames for a solid and secure installation. The hard-wearing roof canvas and sidewalls 

Aluminium tents are free standing tents with no centre poles or guy ropes. Aluminium Tents uses high quality PVC which also comes in clear span which gives the appearance of glass.

Alpine Tents are absolutely arresting to look at. The numerous high peaks of a pristine white Alpine Tent looks glamorous and very upmarket for any event. 

Frame tents have no center poles or guy ropes and are standalone structures. This kind of tent can be erected on almost any surface can be erected adjacent to a building

Canvas tents are made up of rip stop canvas and comes in an olive green color. Canvas tents are used as military tents, temporary barracks, shelter tents, refugee tents, emergency tents

Army Tents for Sale by Tents for sale also provides Peg & Pole Tents, Aluminium Tents, Frame Tents, Bedouin Stretch Tents, Alpine Tents, Marquee Tents, Pagoda Tents.

Mobile chillers are extremely popular amongst our customers catering for large events, festivals, business functions

Tiffany Chairs for Sale South Africa. Leading Manufacturers of Tiffany Chairs. Buy Tiffany Chairs for Function, Event, Party and Wedding for low price.

Plastic Chairs are made of heavy duty polyethylene. Our plastic chairs are designed and manufactured with the most technologically  .

Portable Toilets for Sale South Africa. Leading Manufacturers of Portable Toilets. Buy Mobile Toilets for Function, Event, Party and Wedding on low price.

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Tents for Sale in South Africa

Tents for Sale in South Africa at best price we guarantee our tent fabric quality. We fully understand the stringent demands in the tent industry and have developed products to meet them. The greatest care goes into manufacturing various tent products. All manufacturing, research & development, conception, design, testing and quality control take place in our factory in South Africa. We have both ample skill and knowledge ensuring all our clients a superior product and the peace of mind that goes with it.

100% Quality Product

We assure you to give 100% quality products.

Worldwide Delivery

We supply our products around the globe.

Value for Money

We value your money by providing quality products.

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We have a wide variety of tents available

Tents For Sale

Are you looking around for tents for sale to create a semi-permanent structure for covering, or simply because you prefer to own rather than hire Look no further than Tents for sale we stock superior quality tents made with only premium quality materials. We produce unique and custom-build tents for permanent and temporary structures used across a wide spectrum of market sectors which includes events and hospitality, sports, military, corporate branding and catering hiring sectors to meet customer’s needs, we always maintain world-class tents standard to value our customer’s money.

We use the latest technologies when we manufacturing our marquee and tents to ensure quality, like stretch tents, canvas tents, frame tents, alpine tents, peg and pole tents, aluminium tents, pagoda tents and more.. We specializes in the manufacture of Tents and have all tents for sale no matter the size we are committed to manufacturing exceptional quality tents and marquees at the most competitive prices. Our low prices do not mean that we compromise on quality, all tents are manufactured to the highest standard. We offer a large range of tent structures that are available in a variety of clear span widths ranging from 3m to 55m wide. Tents for Sale are supplied in a number of shapes, sizes and designs.

We can also custom designed a tent to your specifications. For the best tents for sale Call 083 786 6286 or Email info@tentsforsale.mobi

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100% Quality Product

We assure you to give 100% quality products.

Worldwide Delivery

We supply our products around the globe.

Value for Money

We value your money by providing quality products.

Buy High Quality Tents

Buy High Quality, Affordable, Custom-Made Tents at Low Selling Prices Order Your Unique Tent Now & Get Free Delivery we Manufacture in South Africa. We custom design any tent of your choice the list is endless. Our Eclusive Tents are manufactured using high-quality material to guarantee maximum durability. We value our engineering process to assurance that customers receive the best quality tents and value for their money. Our prices are the cheapest but the quality is of the greatest standard. At Tents for Sale we’ve got you covered, from Canvas Tents to Stretch Tents to the Best Frame Tents, Aluminium Tents also Alpine Tents & Peg and Pole Tents we do not negotiate with the quality of the products that we supply to clients. We have all tents for coverings from Party Tents, Wedding Tents to Events Tents & Exhibition Tents which comes with a fully secured environment for short and long term installations no matter the size. Our Tents are versatile, ultimate in design flexibility and highly durable which provides the user with both quick installation and dismantling times. We also transport to Africa and help you all the way from buying to pick up.

We are committed to manufacturing exceptional quality tents at the most competitive rates. Our low prices do not mean that we compromise on quality, all tents are manufactured to the highest standard. We have a specialized sales team who are here to help you make the right decision when buying tents. Our experts are ready to answer any questions you may have. With an indefinite variation of shapes and sizes possible, we can customize tent to your requirement. Our exclusive range of tents are substantially flexible and can be set up in different ways anywhere every time. By simply shifting the height and positions of the poles and fittings you can add an amazing unique touch with draping’s and lighting. Get tents price list for free to buy from tents for sale.

With an extensive choice of sizes and styles, you’re sure to find the perfect tent no matter how many persons you are catering for. We have tents to provide accommodations from 48 up to 1000 guests. We can design any logo you provide to appear on your Tent. You provide the logo and we can design it and make sure your tent is represented with your logo.

Marquees and Tents for Sale Durban

Tents for Sale brings to you the ultimate tent journey along manufacturing to supplying. Since the beginning of the company, we have grown to be one of the very few specialized tent companies by investing in the latest tent technology to fulfil our client’s wishes. We have structured our company for success and directed ourselves on continuously improving our products and services, and as a result have become one of the largest tent companies in South Africa over the years. We focus on the small details to produce incredibly successful events and satisfied customers. Our company is equipped to incorporate the entire experience from resources to sales and even thereafter. Many underestimate the importance that tents have in one’s life and the purpose it serves is barely acknowledged, however, one must realise that tents are not made solely for the reason of decorating and accessorizing the appearance of the tent, its primary purpose is to act as shelter and protect its inhabitants. Our tents are made out of the best resources as we ensure total quality management is taking place.

Tents for Sale manufactures tents like marquees, alpine tents, frame tents, aluminium tents, wedding tents, party tents, relief tents, disaster tents, military tents, army tents, storage tents, warehouse tents, exhibition tents, canvas tents, refugee tents, A frame tents, stretch tents. We custom manufacture any size or shape tents. We pride ourselves in giving clients the finest product each and every time thanks to our skilled employees and technological advances in our machinery. We offer 12 months workmanship guarantees on tents. Our company has made it simple for customers to pick up their goods by having branches all over South Africa. We have devoted ourselves to manufacturing premium quality tents at the most affordable prices. All our tents are manufactured from the high end quality material and resources which meets the international standard. Experience a satisfactory tent with us. Get Tents Price for 5m x 5m, 5m x 10m, 7m x 12m, 10m x 10m, 9m x 15m, 9m x 18m, 9m x 21m, 10m x 20m,9m x 24m,9m x 30m, 12m x 30m,15m x 30m, 15m x 33m & Seating Capacity 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 370, 400, 430, 550, 700, 900, 1000 to 5000 people.

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